Born: 1968 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Lives and works in Sofia.

Master of Science degree in Telecommunications from Technical University of Sofia in 1991.

Studied in Ivaylo Stoyanov’s contemporary photography art classes and participates in his master class since 2014.



2017   Sculpture and Space, tandem project with Milena Ivanova and Nikolay Pandarski, Photoconcept Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

2016   Lighthouses, Bulgarian Culture Institute, Bratislava, Slovakia – part of 26th International Month of Photography Festival

2015   Lighthouses, Photoconcept Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria




2018   Surrealism in the banal, GIFTED, Sofia, Bulgaria

2017   LENSCULTURE WINTER PRINT SHOW, Klompching Gallery, New York, USA

2017   Anivercery exhibition of Section 13, Union of Bulgarian Artists, Sofia, Bulgaria

2017   We Are Young …, Gallery Synthesis, Sofia, Bulgaria

2016   Photography and Music, Gallery 2.0, Sofia, Bulgaria

2016   Polyptih, The Red House Center for Culture and Debate, Sofia, Bulgaria

2015   Winterhits, The Red House Center for Culture and Debate, Sofia, Bulgaria

2014   Modern Conceptual Photography Exhibition – Part of Zona Cultura Fest, Sofia, Bulgaria



National Geographic Bulgaria, p.108-113, January, 2016

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