Non-Professional AS 2023 Subcategory Winner Nature-Seasons SILVER Magic Roads

Non-Professional PX3 2022 Special / Special Effects Bronze SURREAL MINIMALISTIC LANDSCAPE

Non-Professional BIFA 2019 Category Winner Architecture Lighthouses

Non-Professional BIFA 2019 Subcategory Winner Architecture-Buildings Lighthouses

FAPA 2016/2017 2nd Place Winner in Architecture Lighthouses


Non-Professional TIFA 2023 Honorable Mention Editorial-Environmental Mons Veneris

Non-Professional MIFA 2022 Honorable Mention Fine Art-Special Effects SURREAL MINIMALISTIC LANDSCAPE

Non-Professional TIFA 2020 Honorable Mention Fine Art-Abstract Magic Roads

Non-Professional MIFA 2018 Honorable Mention Architecture-Buildings Lighthouses

FAPA 2018/2019 Nominee in Seascape Before the Season series Project Mist

FAPA 2017/2018 Nominee in Photomanipulation Sculpture and Space

IPA 2016 Honorable Mention Fine Art – Other Lighthouses

IPA 2016 Honorable Mention Fine Architecture Lighthouses

IPA 2016 Honorable Mention Fine Art – Collage Parallel Worlds

FAPA 2015/2016 Nominee in Conceptual Parallel Worlds